Saturday, June 30, 2012

How To Wax A Car

Today many people take their cars to professional detailers for a good cleaning inside and out. But some people do not want to spend the money for a relatively easy job like cleaning and waxing a car.

Or maybe your car just needs a little exterior TLC, not an entire detail. It will take some time, but is not a difficult or expensive chore to take upon yourself. So if you have the time, and the desire, wax your car yourself.

By waxing your car every several months you are protecting the vehicle's paint job from rust, fading and corrosion. And your car will always look great!

ALWAYS WASH YOUR CAR and make sure it has been dried thoroughly before you apply any wax to it.

Always read the wax container very carefully to make sure it is the correct product for the job you want to do. There are many different types of car waxes and some can be abrasive, which can damage the finish of your vehicle. You can also use a clay bar for waxing.

Carnauba wax is an old favorite because of its ability to seal and it is easy to apply and remove, it is however, usually more expensive than other types of wax. If you are not sure what you are looking for, ask the sales clerk in the auto parts store or the assistance center of the online parts site you shop at. At least make sure the wax you do buy says it is non-abrasive.

Find a shady spot to wax your car in, you do not want the heat of the sun pounding down on the vehicle baking the wax into the finish of your car. This will make a relatively easy job much more difficult than it has to be.

If there is no shade available for you to wax your car in, then wax your car in sections. This way you can remove the wax quickly so it will not have time to be hardened onto your car by the sun.

Make sure you read the directions of the wax you bought completely. Sometimes we like to skip over that part, only to find out when we are done, we have omitted an important step in the process, and the results of our efforts are not as ideal as they should be.

If you have used the product before, you should still refresh your memory, and if it is a new product, you may be able to skip some of the processes that were needed in the last wax you used.

Most waxes need a damp sponge to be applied. Put a small amount of wax on your sponge and apply it to your car using a small, circular motion. Try not to get the wax into the seams of your car, as it may be difficult to remove it.

If there is a stain or mark on your car washing did not remove, apply some wax there and rub until the spot is gone.Do not plan to take your time while you are waxing your car. If you leave the wax on too long it can be very difficult to remove, and in some cases if the time the wax if on is excessive it can actually damage your cars paint, so make sure you check that information on the container of wax you bought.

When you have finished the section you are doing first, or the entire car, depending on how you planned to do the job, You will need a very soft cloth. You can use baby diapers, terry cloth towels or any other soft rags you have laying around.

Now begin to remove the wax where you started to put it on. Using circular motions begin to remove the wax with the soft cloth. Some people suggest using a motion opposite to the one you applied the wax in. This is preference, and is completely up to you.

You will need to put some pressure on the car to get all the wax off, and you should keep a supply of extra cloths near by since you will need to change them. You do not want to use a dirty cloth or you will not be removing all the wax, but rubbing some back into your car, and this can cause streaks.

When you have completed this process over the entire car, take another soft cloth or towel or cheesecloth and once more wipe over the entire cars surface. Now is the time to look the car over to make sure there are not any missed spots. If there are, go over them until they are clean of any wax and they are shiny.

There you have it, it wasn't that difficult was it? Now you can wash your towels, diapers or cloths using a mild detergent and a fabric softener to insure they stay as soft as possible for the next waxing.

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