Saturday, June 30, 2012

Body Shops Go Mobile

(NewsUSA) - A minor accident in a parking lot, a too-close encounter with another car's door.

Small dents and scratches hurt cars' resale value, but few owners make repairs.

When damages cost less than their deductible, many drivers would rather pay out-of-pocket than see an increase in their insurance rates.

Other car owners simply feel too busy to take their vehicle to a collision repair shop, where they might be expected to leave their car for several days.

The average driver keeps their car for nine years. Minor accidents are on the rise, and yet, dent and scratch repair work remains stagnant.

Many people simply cannot pay increased insurance premiums or take precious time from their busy schedules. So, minor dings, dents and scratches remain eyesores on people's cars.

But new companies have perceived a need and taken steps to fill it. One company, "Collision on Wheels, We Come to You!," started out as a traditional body shop. Since becoming a mobile body shop on wheels, the company has become a national franchise.

The company sends qualified technicians to people's homes, where they provide same-day paint, scratch, dent and minor collision repairs. Their technicians use the same equipment found in any indoor body shops and use protective covers when it rains or snows.

Collision on Wheels uses high-quality, environmentally safe paints. Technicians can repair most minor dents, scratches or abrasions within half a day.

The company does support insurance claims. Although many repairs cost less than deductibles, car owners often choose to skip the paperwork, adjustments and other hassles for the sake of a dent-free car.

Collision on Wheels provides a great option for busy Americans who have little time to visit a traditional body shop. Repair of small dents and dings before selling or turning in a lease can also increase resale value.

Small accidents happen. The good news is that a scratch or dent that happens in two seconds doesn't mean having to leave your car in a body shop for days anymore. With services like Collision on Wheels, drivers can get body repair and paint service from their home or office.

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