Saturday, June 30, 2012

Chicago’s War Against Sane Gun Control Rages On

It is safer to be a U.S. solider in Afghanistan than it is to walk the streets of Chicago, and what does the Mayor want to do about it? Make it harder for Chicagoans to defend themselves.
Yes, Rahmbo, who wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without armed men wearing police badges surrounding him, thinks it is too easy for citizens in Illinois (and Chicago in particular) to arm ourselves against the frightening wave of gun violence that has plagued the Windy City for years.
So what is his rationale? “The reason we have gun laws — the reason I’m trying to also pass tougher gun laws down in Springfield — is because it’s an essential complement to your overall crime strategy,” cried Emanuel.
4565332 Chicagos War Against Sane Gun Control Rages On
The Rahmfather knows best.

Sit down for a moment and think about the epic stupidity of that statement. We’re going to combat gun violence by making sure the victims of said violence cannot arm themselves, and we’re going to guarantee that those who obtain weapons illegally will know that their victims cannot arm themselves. So yes, gun laws are essential to complement a crime strategy – if you’re a criminal. The rest of us just need to wait till the understaffed and overpaid police force arrives. Hopefully we won’t be too full of holes at that point to continue paying taxes.
Earlier this year, Homer Wright, an 80-year-old resident of Chicago’s South Side Englewood neighborhood, used a handgun to protect his family and property. His business had been broken into so many times that he moved into the place in order to better defend it. One night at around 4 a.m. his wife woke him up after hearing someone knocking around. Homer got his gun, confronted the intruder and shot him in the leg. The intruder was charged with felony burglary – and Homer was charged with unlawful use of a weapon.
Since the Supreme Court struck down Chicago’s total handgun ban, the criminals at City Hall flouted the court by making it nearly impossible for anyone to legally possess a handgun. Under Chicago’s new, but still unconstitutional, gun laws, Homer was not allowed to possess a handgun. So in exchange for simply defending himself, Chicago’s cops and politicians took away Homer’s gun and sent him back out into the world.
But why would they do something as patently stupid as taking away a man’s only viable line of defense and then send him back into a veritable warzone? To make the city safer? There is no proof that the draconian gun laws of Chicago ever prevented a crime. In fact, there is a great deal of evidence that allowing citizens to possess firearms actually prevents crime. Don’t believe me, just ask the FBI. As the number of states that allow concealed carry permits grows, violent crime rates have gone down substantially. As a matter of fact, Illinois, which has a nice little city by the lake with quadruple the murders of New York City and double those of Los Angeles, is the only state left in the Union that does not allow a private citizens to carry concealed under any circumstance.
So why does Rahm (and the DNC in general) maintain the same, flawed rallying cry? All I can figure is that there must be some cluster of neurons in the dyed-in-the-wool Democrat brain that ceases to fire correctly when they fill out a political affiliation declaration form. For an organization that champions so many other rights, it has always struck me as distinctly bizarre the DNC’s overwhelming and utterly irrational hatred of the second amendment. Are they afraid of regular citizens using guns to settle everyday disputes (which is plainly not true), or are they worried that an armed citizenry will be harder for the increasingly powerful (and pushy) centralized federal government to ignore?
Of course, a citizen’s right to resist the tyranny of the government was exactly the reason men like James Madison made sure the second amendment exists. But what did Madison, author of the Constitution and Bill of Rights, and his anti-Federalist buddies like Thomas Jefferson (who wrote some odd little paper called the Declaration of Independence) know about the natural rights of human beings? Certainly less than Rahm Emanuel!
So when the Supreme Court strikes down your unconstitutional ban on handguns, just pass another equally illegal law. And when a federal judge strikes that second law, just brag about how you will ignore the heart of his ruling. The culture of lawlessness among the Machine-backed political elite, the true criminals in Chicago, does not accept that there are things they cannot do to the citizens of Illinois. Throughout history, tyrants the world over (be they benevolent or not) love a populace that cannot resist their militaristic advance toward domination, and the Chicago Machine breeds immoral, morally-compromised tyrants like rotten meat breeds maggots.


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