Saturday, June 30, 2012

12 years of Panhard & Levassor's victories


Among the many Le Mans Classic displays, two new retrospectives presented as an "art set up" will certainly arouse the public's curiosity: 12 years of Panhard & Levassor's victories and the reconstitution of the ‘50s Le Mans 24 Hours' backstage by the FFVE (Historic Vehicles French Federation).
FFVE Paddock: the 24 Hours past rewritten
Le Mans Classic will be the occasion to evoke 60 years of paddocks. A theme developed by the clubs and the FFVE depicts in a "set up" manner a backstage scene of the Le Mans 24 Hours in the ‘50s.
Many museums and clubs have contributed by lending cars of the time: Salmson S4 Cabriolet, Panhard Junior, Renault 4CV Louis Rosier, Ford Comete Monte Carlo. But also a Gordini lorry, a Citro├źn U23 Besset bus and some motorcycles such as the Motobloc. Decors, vehicles and an atmosphere offer visitors a voyage in the past.

The Federation of Panhard & Levassor Clubs, presents 12 years of one of the period's jewel of tricolour manufacturers in the Le Mans 24 Hours. At this time, these French machines distinguished themselves in the Index of Performance classification and energy efficiency required by the organisers of the Le Mans race, to reward small-engined cars. The light chassis made by Panhard & Levassor, dressed by profiled bodyworks and motorised by the brand's bi-cylinder stood out in this speciality.

1951 : DB Panhard 745 cc Barchetta Antem                             1957 : Panhard Monopole 745 cc
1952 : DB Panhard 611 cc 1958 : Panhard Monopole 745 cc
1953 : DB Panhard 745 cc – 2nd Index 1959 : DB Panhard 744 cc
1954 : DB Panhard 745 cc – 1st Index 1960 : DB Panhard 702 cc -1st Index
1955 : DB Panhard central driving place 745 cc
1st Index (500 to 750 cc category)
1961 : DB Panhard 848 cc "Le Monstre"
2nd Energy Production Index
1956 : Panhard Monopole 745 cc 1962 : Panhard CD 702 cc

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